Welcome to TRIBE Membership Portal.


There is a movement going on and we want you to be part of it. We are now accepting unsolicited audio and video submissions from all seeking to build their brand on TRIBE Media platform.  We want to connect with all those with a marketing strategy and ready to build their business. Who are the gate keepers of commerce, broadcasting and entertainment that kept you out? Do these gate keepers adhere to the same moral values, faith based beliefs, economic and educational strategies you have? If you answered no! you are not alone.


Join us as we build a social platform that will rival Facebook, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix with your contribution. TRIBE audio and video content at times may seem controversial but the movement must be like a phoenix rising from the ashes, We dedicate ourselves to delivering social conscious and entertaining programming to millions worldwide. 


TRIBE broadcast and e-commerce platform is giving the opportunity for entrepreneurs and brands to build their brand and increase revenue. Become a member of TRIBE and start controlling your own destiny. Send programming ideas and copyrighted mp3 or mp4 content to press@tpng.biz and help TRIBE Broadcast and Media LLC keep this Movement flourishing for the people. Anthony Turner CEO