Mission Statement

The Positive Network Group is here to spread the power of optimism and generational wealth via social networking. Founded by Gabriel Solomon and Hakim Sharif, the tribe of dedicated individuals are committed  to help musician's, companies and individuals evaluate their entertainment choices, restore family values, examine lost or hidden melanated history, and encourage a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. Through community activism, members will be empowered to make logical decisions with restoration of ancestral values at their core. The tpng.biz brand is more than just spreading optimism and increasing generational wealth but examining the past 400 years in America and thousands of years before the founding of America.  Knowledge of self will inspire millions of melanated individuals to reevaluate their educational indoctrination and recapture their identity lost!

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Vision Statement

There are tons of social media platforms on the world wide web to choose from, but The Positive Network Group sets itself apart with a mission that goes beyond entertainment and social media posts: to spread the power of community involvement, political participation, asset building, heath and meditation, melanated history and entrepreneurship. The url tpng.biz is known for being the place to get information about spirituality and share encouraging quotes, and posts about  living life with intention.


This mission is perhaps a little unexpected if you're not familiar with The Positive Network Group commitment to reestablishing black wall street and asset building: How will a social media company help spread generational wealth? TPNG.biz answers that question within the finance category, where Evelyn and Company, explains "That Everyone Lives On Wall Street" in more detail using video courses and links to her company’s community site via TPNG.biz finance category. We really like how lofty yet specific this mission statement is — it's never a hard-to-balance combination when you incorporate dedicated professionals and educators on a world wide platform to educate individuals about credit restoration and wealth building. The finance category is enriched with informative posts for individuals seeking to gain corporate assets. These posts and courses get students and clients excited to learn more about wall street and grow their financial portfolios.


You will quickly notice that our Wellness and Family Categories inspire healthier communities by connecting people to community gardening, mental and physical therapy, and social activities. We can Identify the core negative issues surrounding melanated communities via nutrition, violence, education mentoring and exercise. Our mission for each category is not to just make a page to entertain or market a random brand or service but become motivated by a set of core values to initiate change in your community and within your family. Core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide a community actions to focus on the health and well beings of all citizens. These are principles that not only gained respect from other ethnicities to assist us in our battle for freedom during slavery, jim crow and equality but are principles that our ancestors established before indoctrination in western culture.

Gabriel Solomon continues to work with social, financial and educational activists to identify and increase core values that hold meaning on personal and organizational levels. We are centered around technology and e-commerce for pushing boundaries beyond expectation and explaining how it helps members innovate technology for business practices. We’re in business to save our children and young adults from senseless violence and incarceration. We strive to provide entertainment and valuable information that’s essential to our members to help them achieve their aspirations and lead the way for socially conscious lifestyles.


The Positive Network Group is always looking for new and exciting networking opportunities and partners. Let's connect.