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Black Film Production Companies and Producers That Showcase BLACK EXCELLENCE

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Everywhere from Nollywood in Nigeria, to Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia, people love our Black faces and more so, WE love seeing our Black faces on the big screen. As mostly everyone knows, Hollywood movies shaped white peoples perception of Black people, meaning they were in charge of what roles Black people played. In 1905, most African-Americans portrayed in Hollywood films were white actors in Blackface.

The most damaging perception of the Black male image was in the 1915 movie Birth of a Nation. D.W. Griffith produced and directed Hollywood’s first epic movie — "a glorified Ku Klux Klan recruitment film." Black male stereotypes were made in Birth of a Nation: untrustworthy, savage, dumb, slow, bug-eyes, murderer and worst of all, rapist of white women. It's time to change that! ALL the way!

A shout out to Oscar Micheaux for creating Black Roadshow Cinema. A handsome young Film Director who made 44 films, without seeking white approval. If he was able to make the money that white folks made then, he could have been the Tyler Perry of the early 1900s!

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