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How Oakland is tackling its illegal dumping problem

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Oakland is combatting illegal dumping around the city by hiring more people to work on the Oakland Public Works Garbage Blitz Crews. The city says they added a fourth crew in March to help tackle hot spots – places where there is a recurring dumping problem.

Before the Garbage Blitz Crew program started in 2018, workers were just responding to specific clean-up requests from community members. There are now 15 workers dedicated to cleaning hot spots in all of Oakland’s four “zones,” the city said. “The initial pilot focused on Council District 6 in East Oakland and produced encouraging results – areas cleaned regularly began to see less new dumping over time.

Here are some ways residents can help report illegal dumping:

  • Dialing 311 or 510-615-5566

  • Reporting online at

  • Emailing

  • Using the free OAK311 mobile app for Apple and Android devices

Oaklanders can also help clean the city by participating in pandemic-safe cleanup efforts as part of Oakland Earth Month,

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