TPNG Media


 Ask yourself truthfully about your contribution to increasing the positive outlook facing mankind. Did you kiss the pinky ring? Sign oath to gain glory and fame or used your platform to buy all the material possessions that only increases self gratification? We're the gate keepers willing to forego racism, greed, idolatry to spark a flame in the wilderness. These individuals create the songs that you listen to. Write and produce the films that make you laugh, cry and think. These are the true movers and shakers of the industry because they have learned to network when it seems the door to the industry has been closed. They are the members of a social media platform that goes beyond the norm to something spiritual and greater than themselves where no one is left behind and every voice is heard.

The Positive Network Media Group "TPNG Media"

7801 Edgewater Dr Suite 300 Oakland, Ca 94621

Reception:  510 961 8020  


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