Thank you for becoming a member of  The Positive Network Group Social Media Platform. From day 1, The team at TPNG Media set out to change the concept and strategy of what the entertainment industry, faith community and business world should be like. Our first endeavor in the industry was a small production company based in Houston Tx d.b.a No Mercy Entertainment, founded by Lamont and Anthony Turner aka The Turner Boys. Their concept was no barriers, no kissing the pinky ring, no egos, velvet ropes, unnecessary stress or  pressure. You hustle hard and reap the benefits and build generational wealth. Securing a lucrative manufacturing and distribution deal through a major recording company  the Turner Boys still in their teens moved to Oakland, California in early nineties. The Positive Network Group social media platform was founded on the concept of giving an opportunity to individuals with huge talents but lacking a major recording or production deal, no agent, manager or representation to get them to the gate keepers within the entertainment industry. The Most High ELOHIYM built a social media platform that individuals can reach remarkable achievements if they network and share positive uplifting content to better mankind. This is The Positive Network Group (TPNG Media) and it is Nation building TIME!

The Movement has begun and what will they speak as a eulogy about you when your time has expired. Ask yourself truthfully about your contribution to increasing the positive outlook facing mankind. Were you a plus or minus? were you a leader within your community or a forgettable name when your five minutes of fame in the spotlight is over? Did you kiss the pinky ring? sign the oath to gain glory and fame or used your platform to buy all the material possessions that only increases self gratification? It only takes 1 person to change the lives of so many and only takes a strong nation of people willing to forego racism, greed, idolatry to spark a flame in the wilderness. The Positive Network Group social media platform is like no other because it a movement controlled and administered by individuals who want to be heard, seen, felt and recognized and not stay invisible. These individuals create the songs that you listen to. Write and produce the films that make you laugh, cry and think. Produce the concerts, events and gatherings that you cant stop talking about long after it is over. These are the true movers and shakers of the industry because they have learned to network when it seems the door to the industry has been closed. They are the members of a social media platform that goes beyond the norm to something spiritual and greater than themselves where no one is left behind and every voice is heard.This is The Positive Network Group and it is Nation building TIME!

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The Positive Network Group "TPNG"

7801 Edgewater Dr Suite 300 Oakland, Ca 94621

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