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Theron Taylor "CTS Ministries"

Compton, Ca


Sandra Keyes"Keys 2 the Kingdom"

Patterson, CA

Sandra Keyes is the host of Keyes2 The Kingdom a gospel music show that airs at 6:00am Monday Through Friday. Sandra is an independent Gospel Artist who joined TPNG in 2014 while promoting her first gospel CD.  After the show she was offered the opportunity to host her own show and has been a part of the TPNG’s growing family. You can expect from Sandra’s show Keyes2TheKingom the best in new and  old school gospel music, gospel artist interviews, upcoming gospel concerts, local church events and the top gospel songs chart.  Sandra believe’s it is her ministry to bless your day. Tune in every morning at 6:00 a.m.


Weekdays 6am PST

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Sam His-Hop Stewart "His-Hop Radio"

Las Vegas, NV

Gabriel Solomon.jpg

Gabriel Solomon "Spiritual Warrior"

Oakland, CA

Spiritual warrior is a hour long program dealing with issues affecting judeo-christian nation. Judeo-Christian is a term used since the 1950s to encompass the common ethical standards of Christianity and Judaism, such as Ten Commandments. Judaism places emphasis on correct conduct (or orthopraxy), focusing on Mosaic covenant, as recorded in Torah and Talmud.  Christians believe in individual salvation from sin through receiving Yeshua as Elohim and savior through faith. YHWH is believed to be omnipresent, omnibenevolent and omnipotent. YHWH is the Most High God of the Israelite/Christian tradition, who is the designer, the maker and the cause of everything. As a warrior, my duty is to defend this belief and spread Yeshua ministry to the four corners of the globe.


Weekdays 8am PST

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Lavon Bridgers "Lavon Bridgers Show"

Atlanta, GA

A program that mixes gospel, news and inspirational talk. Lavon Bridgers Showis not only entertaining to the ears but food for the spirit. The true God gives mankind beauty for the eyes and delight to the ears so music inspires the paths we take and soothes the spirit.



Weekdays 9am PST



Bobby Parker Radio Show Durham, NC

Gospel Music and Artist Interviews

Radio Personality
2000 Stellar Award Winner for Announcer of the Year


Mon/Wed 6pm PST

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Mac Cummings "Dj Mac Cummings"

Memphis, TN

I owned a Beauty/Barbershop for 20 years. Also, I have been a DJ for 18 years. Life is great for me, and I am thankful...


Weekdays am PST


Adam Rogers "Adamology"


A young man full of innovation, inspiration and knowledge. Adam Rogers is musical, innovative, educated, spiritual and a community builder. Keep your eyes on Adam, GOD is with him and is taking him to a place called greatness.


Afternoons 1pm PST



Cheryl Black "Lady C.L"

Brooklyn, NY

The show focuses on relevant, factual mainstream information for listeners to be informed.

Host of the Spiritual Espresso. Ministering the Gospel in word and song.


Weeknights 8pm PST


Dave Daniels 

Antioch, CA

Gospel Music, Inspirational quotes and prayers 


Weeknights 11pm PST


Prophet De'Bois & NaTasha Gooden

Orlando, FL

Lions out of the Tribe of Judah. Welcome to Keeping It Real W/Us Ministries, A No Mask Ministry with Nothing to Hide! The Mission is clear: Cry Loud and Spare not, Lift UP Your Voices like a Trumpet N Zion, Show My People their Transgressions and the house of Jacobs its Sins.

Call by God in the Spirit of Jeremiah, To Uproot, Pull Down, Throw Down and Destroy all doctrines of Devils, Seducing spirits, Lies and Hypocrisies, The Spirit of Ezekiel, to Show the House to the House, The Spirit of John, The axe is being laid to the tree and the Anointing of David to Kill Goliath.


Weekends 8am & 8pm PST


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The Positive Network Group "TPNG"

7801 Edgewater Dr Suite 300 Oakland, Ca 94621

Reception:  510 241 8775


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