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Stephanie Anthony Miles "Smiles Tv"


SMilesTV talk show has shined a spotlight on the good happening throughout St. Louis and the Metro East by showcasing the civil leaders, businesses and organizations who are shaping the future of the region. Now, producer and host Stephanie Anthony Miles is bringing the good news to a global audience. “The support we’ve received from the St. Louis area has been incredible over the past five years,” said Stephanie Anthony Miles. “For God to continue opening new doors for SMilesTV and helping us bring our message of joy and positivity to viewers across the U.S. means the world to us, especially when so much bad news fills our TV screens and newspapers every day.”

Over the past few months, Miles has interviewed a number of local and national leaders who are using their voices to bring change to St. Louis and across the country, including director Reginald Hudlin, theologian Dr. Cornel West, and Olympic gold medal winner Jackie Joyner-Kersee. SMilesTV continues to air on local stations, including Charter Cable Channel 984 on Mondays at 8 p.m., STLTV on Charter 992 and Uverse 99 on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. and Sundays at 4:30 p.m., and periodically on Demetrious Johnson, PACTV, Channel 981 in St. Louis. In September, the show also began airing on KDNL ABC 30 on Sundays at 6 a.m.

Remarked Miles, “As our programming and partnerships continue to grow, so do our sponsorship opportunities, here in St. Louis and on a national level. As SMilesTV expands, so will the visibility of many others who choose to invest in our broadcast. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for creating tremendous blessings through SMiles TV.” Produced and hosted by East St. Louis native Stephanie Anthony Miles, SMilesTV is a grassroots community affairs talk show dedicated to celebrating the good in St. Louis and around the country. In addition to spotlighting local leaders and organizations that are making a difference economically, socially and culturally, SMilesTV regularly features nationally-recognized figures who inspire change on a national level. SMilesTV can be viewed on a number of stations in St. Louis and through both the PChatman TV Network and Dynasty Television


Mon, Wed, Fri 9am PST

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Smiles Tv


Elise Evans"Forever Joy Girl"

Oakland, CA

To change your life, you have to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!


Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30am PST

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Spiritual Warrior.jpg

Gabriel Solomon "Spiritual Warrior"

Oakland, CA

A program that mixes gospel, news and inspirational talk. Not only entertaining to the ears but food for the spirit. Sometimes controversial and many times humorous. YHWH gives mankind inspiration, education and life, so why not discuss the daily issues in our generation. Spiritual Warrior is a hour long program dealing with issues affecting the family, issues affecting the congregation worldwide, so Spiritual Warrior is a talk show for all those within the faith.


Tue, Thur,  Sat 9am PST

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Dr Watson "The Health Beat"

Oakland, CA

The Health Beat T.V. Show educates the community (since 1995) with fitness facts and down home healthy cooking three times a week.


Mon, Fri 2pm PST

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Robert L.Harris "All About Community"

Dublin, CA

Watch as Robert Harris interviews some of the communities movers and shakers.


Mon, Wed, Fri 10am PST


Gloria Bailey Ray"U Didn't Get the Memo"


U Didn't Get The Memo is about providing viewers with relevant, mainstream, factual information allowing them to be informed and to make informed decisions.


Wed, Sun 2pm PST


De’Bois & NaTasha Gooden Keeping It Real W/Us Ministries"


Cry Loud and Spare not, Lift UP Your Voices like a Trumpet N Zion, Show My People their Transgressions and the house of Jacobs its Sins.

Call by God in the Spirit of Jeremiah, To Uproot, Pull Down, Throw Down and Destroy all doctrines of Devils, Seducing spirits, Lies and Hypocrisies, The Spirit of Ezekiel, to Show the House to the House, The Spirit of John, The axe is being laid to the tree and the Anointing of David to Kill Goliath


Tues, Thur, Sat 10am PST

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