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PTV1 Programs

PTV1 (Positive Television is #1) is your online streaming channel to view content that motivates, stimulates and empowers the entire nation. PTV1 broadcasts a wide range of programming to a worldwide audience, including an emphasis on spiritual, theological and faith based ministry. Through network partners and collaborations, we have created marketing and promotional strategies to reach millions of individuals in national and foreign markets. Online streaming is now recognized as an effective platform to get your brand exposed to the masses while generating revenue via advertising and sponsorship packages.

We welcome new and independent film producers, individuals producing content for social media platforms to build their brand on PTV1. Artists and groups of various music genres can submit their music videos and live performances to several video programs aired daily.  TPNG marketing team will assist you in marketing and promotions strategies to increase audience growth via social media, flyer distribution and public appearances.

Become part of PTV1 programming schedule while interacting with diverse audience and viewers. 

PTV1 seeks dynamic and motivating programming able to stimulate the spirit and generate high numbers in viewership. This is a great opportunity to increase your brand recognition will building an audience worldwide. If you have video content or talkshow airing on social media an desire to reach huge audience than this is your platform. Are you motivated by the prospect of making six figures in advertising revenue by producing content  and programs that the worldwide community truly care about ?

Producing content or programming whether talk, comedy, health, fitness, educational, spiritual, variety will be a game-changer in your life.

Programs enjoy the following services:

  • 15-30 second show Id that broadcasts your show, time, blog and social
    media page.

  • 30 min or 1 hour weekly broadcast at a set day and time.

  • Monthly reports on listenership numbers and location.

  • A Flash banner with show title and host photo on PTV1 home page.

  • Weekly produced E-card announcements with show topics and guests.

  • Professional and technical Host training.

  • Professional Host page with On-Demand listening and a link to your
    personal website.

  • All shows are available as archives.

  • Customized packages for sponsors and advertisers.

  • 3 links to the social media of your choice

  • Ability to share with 400 social media sites and search engines

Optional technologies are offered to better market your product to reach maximum exposure, cost vary pending your choice of options:

  • Up to 5 shows per week.

  • Out of area studio guests and listener call-ins using skype.

  • Video streaming to your website

  • Daily distribution of press releases for your show to social media sites.

  • Courses in public speaking and program formatting from a veteran radio host.

  • Prime time scheduling.

  • Availability to live chat during show's broadcast.

  • All optional technologies are chosen when assigned to an account manager

Contact us today at 510 241-8775 for an opportunity to broadcast your program on PTV1.

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