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About TPNG

TPNG is a premiere multimedia company that attaches brands and companies to quality programming in media.
TPNG delivers content to global audiences seeking positive, uplifting and captivating programming via terrestrial radio, satellite radio, cable television, online streaming, print and online news services.
Through our media divisions, we have established core goals to connect with adults, youth and children of every ethnicity, economic and social background to develop programming that can be viewed, discussed and shared.
TPNG is you! TPNG is me! TPNG is everyone.
TPNG carries on a legacy that's been long established by founders of radio, television, print newspaper and advertising delivering a message that’s newsworthy and stories that individuals can cling to and pass on.

TPNG Brands

TPNG is a multimedia brand with divisions in radio, television, promotions and advertisement. Many have labeled us freshman in the media industry but we consider ourselves seniors with uplifting and motivational programming. We are the most watched and vibrant multimedia company online and beyond that has the ability to attract millions of individuals globally. Become a part of the movement by signing up with email on Members Only tab. Your membership will help The Positive Network Group increase advertising and sponsorship revenue to be utilized for the marketing, promoting and development of quality programming for a diverse audience. A financial monthly donation and contribution will assist TPNG Media in breaking into markets worldwide and bringing the movement to voiceless individuals everywhere.

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The Positive Network Group "TPNG"

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